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Aura features a modern script,

playful blank spaces and vellum details.

Each invite is presented in an optional vellum wallet that can be personalised for each guest. 


Colours, textures and card stock can all be adapted to suit your day. 


Aura is a complete collection and matching items are available. 

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Vine In The Wild 03.12.18-302.jpeg
Vine In The Wild 03.12.18-314.jpeg
Vine In The Wild 03.12.18-297.jpeg
Vine In The Wild 03.12.18-263.jpeg
Vine In The Wild 03.12.18-278.jpg

Choose from various card colours and font options in our Design Guide to tailor Aura to your day.

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From wax seals to subtle blind pressed borders, we consider the finishing details an integral part of the overall design. Explore ways to complete your stationery in our Design Guide.



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