All of our semi-custom collections give you the opportunity to tailor each piece to your day. Choose from various options of card texture and colour, a variety of type fonts and calligraphy styles, as well as different print processes.

We also offer a whole host of additional extras that add subtle finishing touches to your stationery.

The Specifics_

We have three options of white textured card stock




Alternatively we can print on untextured 350gsm FSC approved stock. Choose from the following colours or get in touch if you would like something more bespoke.


Warm White_







We also carry premium card stock for those who want to augment their stationery even more. Get in touch with us for more information.

Print Processes_

Digital Print: High quality, affordable and great for full colour prints digital print is our most popular choice of print methods.  We print both in house and with our trusted digital print experts to ensure your orders are of the highest quality.

Letterpress: A time honoured process whereby the ink is pressed into the card.  Blind press is the same process however no ink is used to create a beautiful yet subtle impression.

We prefer to use a heavy 540gsm card stock to ensure the most beautiful impression.

Hot Foil: The same process as letterpress whereby a bespoke metal plate is made and used to create an impression in card.  Letterpress uses ink whereas hot foiling uses foil, allowing for different effects such as metallics, holographic and high shine to be used.

Digital Foil: In some cases we can print metallics digitally on to card.  Although more cost effective than hot foil there are some limitations; namely, the foil colours on offer and only smooth card stock can be used.



Minimal type

Minimal calligraphy

our signature 

handwritten calligraphy


Classic type

Classic calligraphy


Contemporary type

Contemporary calligraphy 

Ink Colour_

These are some of our most popular digital print andletterpress ink colours.

Please specify if you would like something more bespoke.




Pale Grey_



Minimal Calligraphy Colour_

Our minimal calligraphy is handwritten in house which means a variety of ink colours can be used, including metallics. 

Our favourites include bronze, champagne gold and pewter however we can source a bespoke colour for you - just let us know during the order process.

Foil Colour_

There are thousands of colours and effects available when it comes to hot foil; some of our favourites include pearl white, platinum and champagne gold but please let us know if you have something different in mind.

Envelope Colour_

White_ (as standard)


Dark grey_



Pale grey_

The Details_

It's all in the details. We can add additional finishing touches to your stationery to get it looking exactly how you want.

These are some of our most popular examples:

  • Wax seal

  • Thread/ribbon

  • Monogram

  • Vellum wallet/wrap

  • Embossed detail

  • Envelope addressing

Ordering Process_

1. Enquiry_

If you would like to get in touch for more information or a tailored quote, send us an enquiry here.  We can also arrange a phonecall to chat in more detail or, if you live in the local area, we would love to meet up for a coffee.

2. Quote_

Once we have an idea of the design you would like and an idea of quantity we can tailor a quote to you.

3. Design Confirmation and Deposit_

You have decided you would like to go ahead.  At this stage we work out a time line, send an invoice, and a deposit is due.

4. Design Proofs_

Once the deposit has been received, you will receive a form to fill in outlining the details we need to bring your stationery to life.  We work together through up to 3 design proofs to ensure everything is just so before we go into production. Once the design has been signed off, we are ready to print and the remaining balance is due.

5. Production_

We only work with printers who are passionate about their craft to ensure your stationery is of the highest quality.  

6. Finishing_

We add all finishing touches, quality control and pack all orders in house.

7. Shipping_

Once your order is nearing completion, we will let you know when to expect delivery and update you with tracking details once we have passed over to our couriers. 

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