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Design Guide

01. Print Process
There are lots of different print methods that we can utilise, but they can largely be broken down into the two following categorises - printed and pressed.

Digital Print
We work alongside the best printers in the country to ensure your stationery is of the highest quality. Our digitally printed options enable us to print a wide variety of designs and colours. It’s less tactile than our pressed options, giving a smooth and flat finish but it’s versatile, easy to tailor and is also the most cost-effective option.

White ink printing
Using white ink on a darker coloured or black card can be very striking. It’s exactly the same process as digitally printing, but cannot be used on lighter coloured cards.

Instead of the design being printed onto the card, it is pressed into it using custom made metal plates and handmixed ink, creating a more tactile, 3D feel. We can use almost any colour of ink on our letterpress designs.

Blindpressed designs are done in very much the same way as letterpress - bespoke plates press the design into the card, however this time, there is no ink. The results are more subtle and the process lends itself nicely to minimalist designs.

The effects of embossing are similar to blindpressing but instead of the design being pressed into the card, it is pressed from the reverse so that it is raised.

Foil press
Similar to letterpress, the design is pressed into the card with metallic foil instead of ink- this is great for creating stationery with a luxurious and premium feel.

All of our semi-custom collections give you the opportunity to tailor each piece to your own wedding day. We employ the use of different print methods, card colours and textures, and offer a number of additional extras that can all help make the stationery feel more like yours.


02. Card shape, size and orientation
Most of our in-house invite collections are designed as either 5” by 7” rectangles or long slim rectangles. If you would like to add a curved or scalloped edge, or have your stationery on a completely bespoke shape, our team can work with you to bring your vision to life.

03. Card colour
We are big fans of the tactility of paper. We offer a range of different card thicknesses, though generally our digitally printed pieces are on 300-350gsm card, and our pressed collections are on 540+gsm. Many of our card stocks also offer different textures, and of course we have a range of colours available to suit the style you’re going for.

At the proof stage, we will confirm with you what card stocks you would like to use. If you’re not sure, we will send out a swatch pack to you so you can see and feel the different options.

04. Typography
We have designed our collections carefully and each font has been chosen to compliment the overall aesthetic, but it’s no problem to swap fonts should you wish to.

05. Envelope
All of our printed and pressed invitations and save the dates come with a premium white envelope included in the price. If you would like a coloured envelope, we can offer a wide selection to choose from for a small additional charge.

06. Finishing touches
There are a number of finishing touches that we can apply to some, or all of your stationery to lend it a more personal feel. These include:

Wax seals
Venue illustration
Vellum wrap


07. Upgrade
If something is an option for one design, there’s a good chance it’s an option for all of them. If you like the look of one collection, but would like it pressed instead of printed, or vice versa, then we can do that.

Wax Seal Wedding Stationery VITW.JPG
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