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Fall In Love With The Art Of Letter Writing

Vine In The Wild luxury letter writing stationery. Includes blind pressed paper, envelopes, and notecards

Letter writing immediately evokes a nostalgia of times gone by. Taking the time to put pen to paper and express your deepest feelings, lighthearted musings or an account of your day seems to be a luxury afforded to those who lived in a pre digital age. 

There is something permanent, fixing, to be treasured in a handwritten letter. The act of putting pen to paper cathartic in itself. For me, letters received from my Dad and my wonderful Grandmother, Aggie, are sentimental items that would be on the list of ‘things I would save in a fire’. In a time when, let’s face it, there is little to break up the endless cycle of news, at-home fitness videos and banana bread photos, a handwritten letter through the door has the power to immediately brighten a loved one's day.

A few months ago, digging through my parents' garage, I stumbled upon a box of aged blue and purple papers, all preserved in their handwritten envelopes. They were the sweetest love notes written

between my Grandma and Grandpa who, unfortunately,

I was never lucky enough to meet. It was the purest insight

into their adoration for one another and for me, as their

granddaughter, meant I felt like I knew them that

little bit more. 

With that in mind, I have created these letter writing sets. Each set includes 15 sheets of blindpressed 175gsm writing paper, 10 luxury letterpress notecards and 10 matching envelopes, with the option of adding wax seals - all presented in a beautiful box, so when inspiration strikes, everything is in one place ready for you to put pen to paper.


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