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We are now proud to offer branding solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need digital or printed branding, we are excited to bring our aesthetically-driven, design-focused processes to your company. 

We offer everything from digital logo design, business cards, to downloadable PDFs and much more. Our unique pricing system, with no minimum spend, also means that we can help out smaller businesses and start-ups.


For the last five years, we've been adding our creative style to couples' weddings around the world. We've loved doing that, and we will continue to do so, however we're so excited to help bring it to people's businesses and passion projects. 

If you need help with your brand identity, we are also able to help with that. We can help really hone in on what you'd like to present to the world, and how, as well as help identify your target audience, and how best to present to them. 

• What We Offer

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What We Offer

We offer both digital and physical, printed branding solutions, so whether you want to spruce up your website, or you'd like our contemporary, minimalist style adorning your business stationery, we are more than happy to help.


We know how important a strong aesthetic is, especially for your website and social media channels. Chances are, it's your prospective customers' first impression of your business, so it needs to be strong. We believe that everything from your logo, to your everyday social posts, is a chance to tell the world what you're about, and we want to help you define that. 

Some examples of digital branding include: logo design, PDF download templates, web icons, electronic invites and social media templates.


Please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss digital branding for your business. 


For the last five years, whilst designing and making wedding stationery, we have surrounded ourselves with every single kind of paper and card imaginable. We appreciate the tactile nature of making beautiful stationery. Now we are able to utilise our knowledge and design skills to help your business.


There is really no limit to printed branding; every project we work on inspires new ideas. Whatever your printed branding needs are, we're sure we can help. Recently, we've helped out with business cards, receipt folders, brochures, gift cards, catalogues, product tags, labels, stickers, compliment slips, thank you cards and much more. If you need any help at all with printed branding options, please get in touch. 


We know that different businesses and indeed, business owners work in different ways. That's why instead of presenting one set price for one set service, we allow for flexibility.


We charge by the hour for design work. Any printing is sourced and arranged by us, but charged to you at cost price. We only work with dedicated and trusted printers, but we don't believe in making money out of their good work; we'll only charge for the time it takes for us to convert the designs to print-ready files and leasing with the printers. 

We really believe in this pricing structure as we think that it allows you to benefit from our design-focused approach, without tying you into big-ticket contracts. If you'd us to work on your business branding little and often, say a few hours every month, then we're happy to do that, as it will allow your brand to grow strong and steadily throughout the year.


We charge £40 per hour for design work, and printing costs vary depending on what needs doing. Before every project, we will discuss a timeframe for what you'd like us to do and give you an approximate price, so you can budget accordingly.


If you'd like to discuss business branding further, please get in touch, or, we're happy to meet up anywhere in the Ribble Valley to go into more detail. 

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